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About Budfest


2022 is a time to celebrate our industry - the leaps and bounds that we have made to date. 

Helping you keep a pulse on the market while we recognize some of the coolest, inspiring  individuals and businesses, making an impact and driving the industry forward. 


Budtenders are the bridge between every brand available in stores, and every consumer interested in purchasing cannabis. They’re responsible for recommending products to millions of consumers all across North America, despite a clear lack of instructions on how to do so. As the very foundation of the growing industry Budtenders deserve all of the recognition, opportunities and support


Where innovation, creativity and opportunity intersect, find catered solutions to address the challenges and opportunities of cannabis retail.

Event History

With 7 years of hosting Canada’s leading industry events, from the legacy days to the recreational ways, Hempfest and Budtenders Association have partnered to create the most anticipated event of the year. Having hosted over 100,000 cannabis guests with events from coast to coast with attendees including Jacqui Childs, Health Canada, Tommy Chong, Curtis Young (Dr. Dre's son) and many others from cannabis icons to government officials, we know how to throw a party while keeping it professional!